Wagner and VanOstran make final push with voters in Missouri’s 2nd Congressional District

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO - Political supporters and volunteers on both sides of the campaign for Missouri’s 2nd Congressional District kicked off their weekend taking mental notes and directions to get out the vote, just three days out before the midterm election, Tuesday.

"I can’t thank you enough," said Republican candidate and current U.S Representative, Ann Wagner speaking to a crowd in West St. Louis County Saturday, repeating the slogan 'On to Victory.'

"Ever since the Kavanaugh hearings we have really seen our base energized," said Wagner, "and frankly, independence breaking our way which is really exciting, so I feel like we are peeking at a perfect time.”

Wagner is seeking a fourth term in a district targeted by Democrats as a possible takeover in their bid to gain control of the House.

“I want people to participate in this democratic process and of course I’m trying to turn out folks who are going to vote for the republican ticket up and down the line," Wagner continued, "and like I said, no lonely victories here.”

Supporters for Wagner said their choice is the voice they have been seeking.

“Agree or disagree," said campaign volunteer, Denise Marshall, "it’s to be able to get out there and talk to people and hear their opinion and for them to hear your opinion and just to talk about it.”

Wagner’s challenger, Democrat Cort VanOstran in St. Charles also used the weekend to get as many votes as possible come Tuesday.

“People are tired of the broken politics of Washington D.C.," said VanOstran, "so I think folks are ready for a change, they are ready for someone who will work across the aisle.”

When asked what he wanted to say to his opponent before the big day, the new comer was quick to answer.

“Congresswoman Wagner has not showed up for this district, she’s never held a town hall, she refuses to debate," said VanOstran, "and that’s disrespectful to our constituents and I think folks will remember that when they go to the polls Tuesday.”

VanOstran’s army of supporters, a large majority of whom are members of the group 'Moms Demand Action,' said their candidate shares the same school of thought as them, when it comes to the gun debate.

“Our group would like to see background checks at every gun sale," said group leader, Sharon Campione, "we want to make sure people who are violent or are domestic abusers don’t have guns, we want protection.”

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