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Choir turns brand new grain bin into cathedral

HECKER, IL -   On the first Monday of November a great gray grain bin that`s filled with corn.

But two weeks ago, it sounded absolutely patriotic.

“I`ve never heard of singing in a grain bin but it was a really fun experience,” says Elayna Hermanns, Hawkapellas Member.  “Getting to do that and hear the harmonies was really nice since it was so big.”

Through luck and some small-town community coordination, the Gibault Catholic High School Hawkapella choir with a camera or two turned this corn crib into a cathedral.

The group made use of the space before the brand new 110,000-bushel grain bin would be filled with corn.

“Even singing in a grain bin, the acoustics and everything brought the real melody together,” says Katie Grawitch, Hawkapellas Member.  “The words really sink in and it gives you a great sense of patriotism.”

The video is getting some attention on social media after the group admits they had seen the idea done before.

“As it happens one of our new students a freshman this year his family was putting up a grain bin for the harvest,” says Patricia Herzing, Director Enrollment Gibault Catholic High School.  His mom was extremely excited about recreating singing in a grain bin.  So, she invited the Hawkapellas to come to sing and it just snowballed from there.

“I was alone in there with them whenever I was recording the audio,” says Curtis Simshauser, Curt Simshauser Photo Cinema.  “We had everyone else close the door and there were some vents in the top just letting the right amount of sunshine to come through.  They started singing and I couldn`t swallow.  There was a big lump in my throat.  It was a bucket list item for me it was awesome.”

On the eve of a historic election, a simple song sounds sweet.

“We kind of said it was epiphany of living in Southern Illinois singing the National Anthem inside of a grain bin,” says Maliyah Phillips, Hawkapellas Member.

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