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Missouri voters experience political ad exhaustion before midterms

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ST. LOUIS - Election Day brings an end to all the political advertising you receive in the mail, see on TV or hear on the radio. If you watched any television this weekend it seemed like wall to wall political ads.

Some were positive and many were slamming the other candidate.

At Lambert Airport some people were flying away from all the politics, one group was going to Mexico. While vacation was on their minds, all of them agreed, enough is enough when it comes to negative advertising in elections.

Christine Gilbert said, “I’m pretty sick of them I don’t get my information on what candidates ...I’m going to vote for off the TV ad or what comes into the mail I do my own research.”

Jon Fingers had this comment, “I don’t like  them because there are too many of them you never know who’s telling the truth  or who’s not I don’t know how the television commercials on tv are helpful.”

Yvette Proctor said, “I’m just tired of them they’re over the top, they’re throwing bad words back and forth about each it’s more like that, fighting back and forth than it’s about the issues that need to be addressed.”

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