St. Louis dispatcher blindsided by wedding proposal over radio

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ST. LOUIS – As a dispatcher for the City of St. Louis, Maureen Fuller has heard all kinds of conversations over the radio. But she was completely caught off guard by a recent experience.

It began when Fuller and her boyfriend, Josh Cagnasso, were approached by a police officer at a park in south St. Louis County.

An officer alerted them that their vehicle matched the description of a stolen truck in the city.

“I’m standing there and all the sudden, he gets very serious,” Fuller said.

The entire exchange – caught on two hidden cameras – can be seen and heard. Fuller is visibly frustrated.

“You don’t have any warrants or anything like that?” the officer asks her.

The officer relays the information from Fuller’s driver’s license to a dispatcher.

The dispatcher provides a response that alarms everyone.

“We’re showing there’s an active wanted in the city, out of District 2 showing a ‘wanted’ for her hand in marriage by a Josh Cagnasso.”

That’s right. Maureen was proposed to – over the airwaves.

“You do hear me in the video. Yep. Technically, I am the one who proposed to Maureen,” Angie Newcomb said.

Newcomb, also a dispatcher, was in on the secret.

“I was parked just a few parking spots up. I was totally incognito. It was so fun,” Newcomb said.

The entire proposal was orchestrated by Fuller’s now-husband, Cagnasso.

“She had a wanted out of St. Louis City, out of District 2, for a hand in marriage by a Josh Cognasso. Which is me!” he said.

Cagnasso is also a dispatcher for the city of St. Louis.

“I wanted to incorporate police,” he said.

The two are now married. Maureen was relieved to report no huge surprises at the wedding.

As they say over the airwaves: over and out.

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