Chesterfield voters say midterm election a referendum on President Trump

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President Donald Trump

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) – Some voters in west St. Louis County are making it clear that for them, the mid-term election is a referendum on the performance of President Donald Trump.

Turnout appeared to be strong throughout the St. Louis area on Tuesday, with people lined up out the door at many polling places.

At Chesterfield City Hall, 59-year-old Stacy Neuman said she was raised Republican but switched two years ago, after Trump was elected.

For this election, Neuman says she voted a straight Democratic ticket. She figures incumbent Sen. Claire McCaskill will be more of a watchdog of Trump than the Republican candidate, Josh Hawley, who has frequently campaigned with the president.

Another voter, 57-year-old Stacy Carey of Chesterfield, also voted for McCaskill with Trump in mind. She’s opposed to his harsh stance on immigration.

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