Bost pledges to focus next term on infrastructure, revamping healthcare

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Incumbent U.S. Representative Mike Bost wins re-election in Illinois' 12th congressional district defeating challenger Brendan Kelly. The Republican first won the seat in 2014 after it had been held by Democrats for decades.

"They send a clear message that I represent them, and I thank them for that," Bost said of the voters in his district.

The 12th district stretches from the Alton area through the southern tip of Illinois, and includes St. Clair and Monroe counties and part of Madison County.

Bost said in his next term he is focused on creating an infrastructure bill to repair roads, bridges, and locks and dams in his district.

Fox 2/KPLR 11 spoke with voters in Monroe County who all said healthcare was a primary concern and something they considered at the polls on Tuesday.

Bost said members of Congress have been working on a solution to healthcare over the past two years, but the Democrats have been "playing politics."

"(Affordable Care Act) is failing," said Bost. "It's been a political football that we've kicked around. Stop kicking it around and let's sit down and work together. I have supported bills that make sure that no one with pre-existing conditions is cut off. However, we've got to make it affordable because right now it's not."

Another concern of voters is jobs. Bost said he is proud of the work done to bring nearly 800 jobs back to U.S. Steel in Granite City.

Bost said Scott Air Force Base is the largest employer in the 12th district, and he has worked to give employees raises and invested in aircraft technology.

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