Election irregularities prevented some St. Charles County resident from voting

ST. CHARLES COUNTY, MO - A record turnout for the midterm elections resulted in long lines at the polls. It also came with a few problems at some voting locations.

People were still voting last night two hours after the polls closed.  Authorities talked about what went wrong?

Tuesday according to the Republican Director of St. Charles Election Authority, the problems included vote scanning machines jamming, long lines and confusion over the voter ID law.

That forced election protection attorneys to sue the director for denying some the right to vote.

“The best thing was all the voters, that’s what went right. We always prepare for 100 percent but we wish we never get it. What went right, all the voters coming out,” Rich Chrismer, Director St. Charles Election Authority.

St. Charles County Board of Elections was sued by the National Election Protection initiative on behalf of some St. Charles County voters.

According to the lawsuit a voter claimed workers said they couldn't vote without a photo ID.

The voter won after a judge issued the emergency order Tuesday night stating that the director had to comply with the state-wide court ruling that prevents election officials from requiring Missouri voters to show a photo ID to cast a ballot.

Denise Liebeman said a recent court ruling made clear to poll workers were not allowed to ask ID and unfortunately it happened precinct after precinct across St. Charles County and if they did not present the ID they could not cast a ballot.

Chrismer said, unfortunately, some of his judges did not read the information they were provided that was provided on a final instruction sheet.  He’s not sure why the workers would miss that message to not ask for a driver license.

There were also voters who had to wait in long lines for hours to cast their ballots.

Between that and poll workers confused about the ID ruling, some voters were unable to vote.

We are told complaints about poll workers asking for photo ID were filed in at least 24 precincts in St. Charles County which authorities say was a clear violation of the law.

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