Family of 9-month-old claims daycare teacher with criminal record hit their child

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CREVE COEUR, Mo. – The parents of a 9-month-old said a daycare teacher with a criminal record struck their child.

A lawsuit was filed Wednesday against KinderCare in Creve Coeur, alleging a teacher pounded so hard on their child that other teachers could hear it.

Inspectors from the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services investigated the claim and concluded the child was bruised on her right shoulder blade on May 24.

Other teachers also reportedly told investigators the caregiver was too rough and that they could hear it through the walls in their classrooms.

The parents’ attorney, Nicole Gorovsky, said she later found another problem with that teacher.

“I found that she actually pled guilty to an assault in 2015 in Arizona and then soon after that she moved here and then KinderCare, in doing their background check, only searched Missouri,” Gorovsky said. “So it was a pretty useless background check because, with a person who recently moved here, nothing is going to show on an only Missouri background check.”

A spokeswoman for KinderCare's corporate office in Portland, Oregon issued the following statement:

Although we have not yet been served with this lawsuit, as soon as we receive the paperwork we will respond to the suit appropriately.

At KinderCare, we work hard to provide every child with a safe, nurturing environment to learn and grow in. We take all concerns about children’s safety seriously and follow a very specific protocol anytime a concern is raised. Part of that protocol includes reporting the concern to licensing and CPS and placing the teacher involved on administrative leave while we work with these agencies to look into the matter further.

The teacher involved in this matter no longer works for KinderCare.

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