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St. Louis among the worst American cities for malware attacks

ST. LOUIS, MO - A study shows St. Louis ranks in the top five of major American cities with the highest malware infection rates.

That's according to data released by software company EnigmaSoft.

It researched infection data from its own software users across the country and found St. Louis ranked fourth among cities most likely to have malware infections -- more than 800 percent above the u-s average.

“it`s dangerous because the malware makers are getting smarter. They`re coming for your files. They`re coming for your photos. They`re coming for your cash.” Said EnigmaSoft spokesman Ryan Gerding.

The study found most malware attacks occur on Wednesday’s because it's the middle of the week and usually the middle of our routines. EnigmaSoft recommends being careful with the links you click on, regularly backing up your data, and installing and frequently updating antivirus software.