Trolley accident highlights need for drivers to follow parking instructions

ST. LOUIS - The Delmar Loop Trolley will be officially up and running on Thursday.  During a test run on Tuesday, a trolley car struck the side mirror of a pickup truck parked near The Pageant.  Witnesses said there was no damage.  The incident caused some visitors to question how the trolley will operate.

“I’m not necessarily sure how it’s going to interact with the traffic and everything since it had already hit a parked car,” said Delmar Loop visitor Zachary Alexander.

Trolley advocate Joe Edwards said the 2.2. mile trolley route has been thoroughly examined by state and federal transportation agencies and deemed safe.  He said the key is for those parking to make sure their vehicles and their side mirrors are within white lines visible along parking spots.  He said other cities adding trolleys have seen similar incidents and believes it could take 6 months before everyone is aware of what could happen.

“It’s a learning process but as long as everybody parks within the white line that’s on the street, they’ll be fine,” said Edwards.  He added, “Make sure their side view mirror is inside that white line also.”

There has been debate over whether the trolley will be a waste of taxpayer money.  Edwards said the project has included needed road and bridge improvements and will spark development.  He adds that fewer young people are interested in driving and believes the trolley will help attract those wanting to live in neighborhoods where a car is not needed.

Edwards will be part of the trolley kickoff on Thursday.  There are 10 stops along the line connecting the Delmar Loop with Forest Park.

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