Display home burglarized in Eureka

EUREKA, MO - The builders of a display property in Eureka say a recent burglary should serve as a warning for anyone living near a home construction.

On a recent weekend, someone broke into a home in the Steeple Hill subdivision in Eureka.

In under five minutes, a man removed several items from the home.

“Basically, it was as much as you can fit in a small SUV,” Sean Flower, President of Flower & Fendler, Inc.

The man entered the home overnight, he said. He somehow managed to get past the security system and through locked doors.

Security images show the man entering the home, and Eureka Police are investigating.

Flower is grateful no one was home when the incident happened. But he has a word of warning for residents, in light of the fact that this burglary happened after hours.

“If you’re ever in a subdivision or you’re in a new home subdivision and you see somebody in a driveway at night. Or that type of thing. You should always call the police if you’re a homeowner there,” he said. “Because I think people sometimes think we’re doing work there.   There’s absolutely no reason for anybody to be there past 6 pm.”