Residents in Sparta IL brace for winter storm

SPARTA, IL – Residents in Sparta, Illinois are bracing for a big snowfall Wednesday night.

Route 3 has been pre-treated with chemicals, along with bridges and overpasses.

Clouds began moving into the Sparta area around 3 pm Wednesday afternoon, as the local Aldi grocery store saw more shoppers than usual as people stocked ahead of the storm. This early snowfall in November has people wondering if it means a snowy winter ahead.

Denise Dethrow said, “I’m hoping it’s not a tough winter but I’m thinking it’s going to be I’m thinking it’s starting early it could be a big bad winter for all of us.”

While another shopper stated, “I feel like we’re going to have at least 5 or 6 good snows this year,” said Samantha Jones.