Heaviest snowfall in Wright City, Missouri

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WRIGHT CITY, Mo. – The title for the most snow in this first big storm of the winter season goes to Wright City.

The National Weather Service reports nearly 10 inches of snow fell south of the city limits.

Wright City has become snow city at least for now. From plowing streets to shoveling driveways, to sweeping off cars, the snow has kept many people busy.

Kenny Robinett Jr., the superintendent for the Wright City Public Works Department, worked all night and much of Thursday plowing streets.

“We’ve done had to clear two—sometimes three—in some places. You get it cleared and how you have to go back and do it again,” said Robinett.

We met Sam Lindsey as he cleared his driveway near Weatherby Lane.

“I thought it was going to be more southern but hey now it’s up here but yeah, I’m a little surprised I’ll tell you that,” Lindsey said. “I didn’t expect this much.”

The storm shut down schools leading to a day of fun in the snow for kids.

“I like how it’s fluffy and I like how it’s white and I like how you can jump on it and it’s not hard,” said six-year-old Kylie Fulkerson.

Her friend, six-year-old Bryleigh Chadd, said this about the most fun part of the snow: “Making snowballs and throwing them at my friends.”

For the McClintock family, it was a day to make memories. This was the biggest snow their young son Alexander has ever seen.

“It’s so much fun. I’m so thankful my husband could stay home with us today. He’s working from today and got to hang out with us,” said Megan McClintock.

Many in Wright City are now wondering what this early big snow means for the rest of the winter season.

“It’s going to be a long winter, cold with lots of snow,” said Bryleigh’s mom, Malinda Timm.

For the most part, first responders say people in wright city weathered the storm without too many emergencies.

Police reported a couple of cars sliding off roadways and firefighters responded to a space heater fire in a camper.

Fortunately, no injuries were reported.

Meanwhile, with concern about refreezing overnight, the Wright City School District Superintendent said he will make a call about school Friday early in the morning.

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