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U-City throws trolley for a loop over bond to restore Delmar if it fails

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ST. LOUIS - It’s the maiden weekend for the Loop Trolley, but as of right now it doesn’t run all the way through the Delmar Loop.

“There are a few technicalities to be adjusted in the next few days and then I will be up and running,” says Joe Edwards, Chairman of the Loop Trolley Development District.

University City's City Manager Gregory Rose says there are nine issues and two are “critical”.

He says the trolley company has not provided a $300,000 bond that the city could use to restore Delmar Boulevard in the event the trolley project fails.

“’It’s not even necessarily $300,000. It could be it could not be depending upon what kind of bond it is.’ ‘But do you feel like you’d be able to come up with that money?’ ‘Oh, sure.’ “

U-City is also concerned about an electric pole near the library. Edwards says for now there are barriers around it and they plan to install a permanent solution.

But some still against the trolley, entirely.

“It has been a $51 million boondoggle from the very beginning,” says activist Tom Sullivan.

He filed a suit against the trolley but lost.

He claims that construction took a toll on local businesses and makes parking even more difficult.

“The Loop in the University City end is already over its capacity and the trolley is going to make things even worse,” he says.

Edwards says, “Reserve judgment while we go through the four seasons and see how it is. One year from now then they can decide. But It’s pretty darn cool what’s happening. They’re already planning several construction projects because of the fix track nature of this trolley system.”

The $51 million project was delayed several times, but both sides say they hope to have the issues resolved sometime next week.

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