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You Paid For It: Looks into sexual assaults and misconduct on MetroLink trains

The You Paid For It Team investigates the troubles of women facing sex assault and sexual harassment on the MetroLink.

Sarah Durrett says she ran into harassment on MetroLink until she got fed up.  She started a website to find out how many other women had similar troubles.

She found she was not alone.  Investigator Elliott Davis talked to her and other women who had been groped and targets of unwanted sexually suggestive comments.

She met with Metro management to share with them her findings.

You Paid For It checked the records, and they showed Metro had 2 sex assaults and 6 incidents of sexual misconduct in 2016.  The same was true for 2017, two sexual assaults and six sexual misconduct violations.

This year there have been no sexual assaults but 10 incidents of sexual misconduct.

Metro says it's moving to make improvements.

They’ve set up a texting system for people to call for help, and say they have more security on trains looking out for trouble.

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