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Police offer new details to help catch Catholic Supply shooter

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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – West St. Louis County businesses moved quickly to ensure their shops and stores were safe from violence in light of Monday’s homicide at the Catholic Supply store.

St. Louis County police released new information concerning a description of the suspect. However, they were lacking an important piece of evidence they have discovered in many times criminal cases.

Less than 24 hours after Monday’s murder at Catholic Supply, the West County Chamber of Commerce hosted a Facebook live program with Ellisville Police Chief Steven Lewis.

The chief gave people important information in keeping their businesses safe.

“The number one thing we tell people when we talk to people being aware is key,” Lewis said.

It was Monday afternoon when a gunman walked into Catholic Supply, killed one woman and sexually assaulted others.

“Video surveillance in this case could prove invaluable,” said Officer Benjamin Granda, St. Louis County Police spokesman.

Unfortunately, police have checked businesses up and down Manchester Road looking for surveillance video that caught the suspect on camera but have yet to find any that is worthwhile. Chief Lewis recommended business install security camera systems if they can afford it.

“That makes our job much easier to hold those people accountable for whatever crime they might have committed,” Granda said.

Witnesses’ memories to the horrifying crime seem to have improved since it happened, helping detectives with a more specific description of the killer who is still on the run.

The suspect was described as a white male, 5’7” to 5’9” tall. He was wearing a plaid shirt: red white and black in color. He had glasses and was wearing a brown belt with a red and blue square on the clasp or clip. Also, he was wearing a cap and a blue Carhart type work jacket.

“Maybe they’re remembering things that happened this morning after this all calmed down and that’s why that description got a little more detailed,” said Sgt. Shawn McGuire, St. Louis County Police Department.

Police wanted citizens to know they are devoting a lot of manpower and resources in efforts to catch the killer.

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