St. Louis County fires two officers involved in deadly Berkeley pursuit

CLAYTON, Mo. (AP) - Two St. Louis County police officers have been fired for misleading investigators about their role in a fatal pursuit.

Police Chief Jon Belmar announced the firings in a statement on Friday. He did not name the officers.

The incident began on Aug. 10 when a Hyundai Elantra sped past the officers. The car later crashed in Berkeley, killing the driver, 49-year-old Mikel Neil, and 59-year-old passenger Townsal Woolfolk.

Police initially said that the officers did not pursue the car. Police later said there was a pursuit. Activists demanded an investigation.

Belmar's statement said information given by the officers after the accident "was misleading and complicated the investigation."

St. Louis County does not allow police pursuits unless a felony has been committed.