Alton School District embarrassed after basketball brawl at high school

ALTON , IL - Alton High School has canceled their boys’ varsity basketball game set for this Friday due to the ongoing investigation of last Friday’s brawl with Riverview Gardens.

With 19 seconds remaining in the game between Alton and Riverview Gardens last Friday, a brawl erupted on the court. It eventually continued into the stands in under a minute.

Madison County Sheriff’s deputies working the game as security were eventually able to stop the fight.

Officials were forced to call the game with Alton leading 64-43.

Both schools say they can’t speak on camera yet, because of student involvement. But did give us statements.

Alton school district superintendent Mark Cappel says, "this is without question an unfortunate and embarrassing incident that is very serious. We are continuing to work with law enforcement to investigate and identify all parties involved."

Anthony Kiekow executive director of Riverview Gardens says, "Riverview Gardens School District is investigating the incident. RGSD has a long tradition of athletic integrity and excellence. This unfortunate incident is not representative of the athletic culture that exists in RGSD."

"Hopefully we see parents and everybody just realize that it's a game and you've got young athletes and hopefully they learn from their parents and their coaches everything else that it's just a game," said Vern Keller, whose son is a varsity player for Oakville High School and will play Alton next month. "We have passionate fans but they try to stay in control."

At this point, it’s not clear what started the brawl but you do see an official, get thrown to the floor in the melee.

Parents and other fans can be seen in stands getting involved with the brawl as well.

Officers from several nearby towns were called in as backup.

The Madison County Sheriff’s Department says as many as 100 people were involved. Including students and parents.

The Madison County Sheriff’s Department also tells me that they are investigating everything that happened and then will decide what if any actions they will pursue.

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