Murder victim’s son says confessed killer shouldn’t have been out of jail

ST. LOUIS – A St. Louis family is fighting for justice again. Paulren Stepter, 52, served some time for killing their mother 30 years ago.  Free on appeal, he's now confessed to another murder.

It was 32 years ago that Beverly Payton, a 25-year-old mother of three, was shot and killed in her north St. Louis home. Her 4-year-old son, Marvin, saw it all. Payton was trying to break up an argument between two men.

Paulren Stepter, 51, was convicted of that crime but the Missouri Supreme Court overturned the conviction on what Payton's son says was a technically. Stepter was retried and found not guilty.

30-years later, Stepter and Courtney Williams were charged in the death of 23-year-old Brandy Morrison. Morrison had been shot in the head.  Her body was found in a landfill in Marissa, Illinois, in 2017.

That murder case caught Marvin Payton's attention because he says Stepter should have never been allowed back out on the street.

“It was a terrible thing he did to her. It’s like the same thing that he did to my mom.  I was just 10 when it happened.  He did not get charged with my mom's murder,” said Marvin Payton.

Now, just last week, St. Louis prosecutors say Stepter confessed to killing Arnold Adams who had been shot multiple times in the head just days before Christmas in 2016.  The murder happened outside a convenience store on Martin Luther King and Cardinal.  Payton says Adams was liked by all.

“By the blessing of the good Lord, he's charged with a murder now of a good friend of mine,” said Payton.

The victims’ families want to make sure Stepter remains in jail.

“He should have been gone after the first one he killed, my mother, and shot her boyfriend.  He is like the devil.  He killing these young ladies, and young men like he don’t have no remorse,” said Patyton.

Paulren Stepter is being held at the St. Louis Justice Center without bond in the death of Morrison and Adams.

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