New app that is aimed at inspiring millennial donors

ST. LOUIS- Michael Staenberg, St. Louis Philanthropist, has recently created Givable, a new app that is aimed at inspiring a new generation of donors.

It`s about giving within the community where you live, as well as being affordable and easy for families and millennials. Givable features St. Louis charities, along with some national and international organizations.

The app is $8 per month. Givers will receive an email every weekday morning with two local nonprofit organizations.

The giver will choose the organization to which they want to donate, and their pick of the day will receive $.25. It may seem like a small donation, but the fundraising adds up.

Givers can also 'skip days' if the charities don't interest them, and the donation grows by that daily amount until they identify the charity to which they decide to give.

Givable's goal is to make philanthropy easy, fun and interactive for a new generation of donors.

To download the app or to learn more about it, visit:


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