St. Louis resident working in Anchorage describes aftermath of earthquake

ANCHORAGE, ALASKA - People in Alaska continue to deal with the aftermath of the Friday morning earthquake that left a path of destruction in Anchorage.

Danny Gladden of the Tower Grove East neighborhood shared with Fox 2 images of what the earthquake left behind.  The images include, collapsed bridges, roads, and items that have fallen off of shelves in various grocery stores.

“The exit that I take collapsed," Galdden said.

Gladden is also the Chief Clinical Officer for Akeela Inc., which is one of the largest mental health and substance use providers in Alaska.  One of the organization's offices is located in Anchorage.

“When you walk outside of the roads that have collapsed and the bridges that have collapsed, you don’t see buildings that have collapsed," Gladden explained.

Gladden was in Ketchikan when the 7.0 magnitude struck Anchorage Friday morning but added that he was able to get there by early next morning to assess the damage.

“We had cracks in our ceilings and walls and floors," he said.

Gladden said it was luckily no one was hurt.  He said also thanks in part to the earthquake drills the facility receives.

“We do earthquake drills monthly and we actually had the great Alaskan quake drill back in October he said.

Gladden said the tremors and aftershocks are still happening.

“Literally just now while we are talking there was a 3.0 after shock," Gladden explained during our phone interview, "and I know this because I have an app that keeps sending me feeds.”

Gladden said that he’s spending time focusing on people who may need critical assistance response especially clients who are dealing with addiction.

“Alaska is a resilient state and the folks here are strong the folks and will preserver from this," he said.

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