Former U.S. Senator John Danforth remembers President Bush

ST. LOUIS – As the nation mourns the death of President Herbert Walker Bush, Washington, D.C. is preparing for his funeral at the National Cathedral.

Flags are at half-staff across the nation today for President Bush, on Wednesday federal offices and banks will be closed to honor former president.

Tuesday Patrick Clark sat down with former Missouri United States Senator Jack Danforth who shared some of his memories of a man he respected.

While he saw him in action up close, it was the senator from the Show-Me state who recalls working alongside former President George H.W. Bush.

“President Bush was just a good person, very, very decent person for a while and that counts for a lot anybody can bring out the best or the worst in people and President Bush brought out the best,” said Senator John Danforth.

The former three-term U.S. Senator John Danforth served in office while Bush was Vice President with Ronald Reagan and when Bush became the 41st president.

“The most complicated project when I was in the Senate. It took about two years to work it out, turned out to be the Civil Rights Act of 1991.”

Danforth was the author of that legislation.  A complex and controversial law with the business community and civil rights leaders.

“To work that out took some doing and that was the genius of Bush because he committed himself to doing it.  It`s an example of a president doing things and able to work with human beings which is what politics is all about.”

Danforth recalls one time the two did not see eye to eye on a subject.

“And I let him know it and he wrote a two-page letter.  Can you imagine the President of the United States handwriting a two-page letter explaining and in essence saying I`m your friend.”

“He was a person who cared about dealing with other people and dealing with them in a very kind way.”

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