Homeless woman braves the cold in downtown St. Louis

ST. LOUIS - Temperatures dip well below freezing overnight across St. Louis and it’s dangerously cold for the homeless population.

“I’ve been here for every cold day that there possibly was here in St. Louis since I’ve been here a year and a half,” says Jazz.

She says it’s hard to be homeless, but it’s even harder in the winter time.

“The snow came early and I was sleeping on the sidewalk. I just got this tent yesterday,” she says.

She says she got a referral for a shelter downtown but the doors don’t open until 7 at night and they close at 6 in the morning so you need to find somewhere to stay warm during the day.

“I have two carpets, three pillows, seven blankets in here and I still be feeling that breeze. I be pretty cold,” she says.

She says some of the other shelters are already over their capacity.  Many don’t open their doors unless it’s 20 degrees or below outside.

“Somebody died the other day out here, down the street, because it was so cold.  That man froze to death.  They had turned him away.  They will turn you away if there’s not an officer present if you don’t have a case officer, a referral in your hand.  They will turn you away,” she says.

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