A mystery is afoot for a stolen knight in Alton IL

ALTON, IL - Night and day he was the one at the Milton school house in Alton, Illinois.  The one clad in black armor, their favorite son.

“Our knight Percy is gone. He was the first thing we ever bought. Jessica, my business partner and I, he was the first thing we ever bought.  We very quickly had a backstory for him and he became our mascot. We kept him outside of our location next to our sign and somebody stole him,” said Libby Sykes, Co-owner Sly Hedgehog Productions.

In the silence of this lonely room, they think of him day and night.

“Three-foot-tall Knight?  He’s a little 3-foot-tall knight completely black dinged up and we use him in every mystery. We sometimes shoot nerf guns at him all the time. He’s there all the time. He’s got a little accent his helmet goes up and down,” said Jessica Napier, Co-owner Sly Hedgehog Productions.

Sometime last Tuesday someone absconded the mascot from Sly Hedgehog Productions.

“We do murder mysteries. We like to think of it as a cross between a murder mystery and an escape room, said Sykes.

“Hopefully it’s just a practical joke and he comes home soon, he definitely needs special care so I would like to have them back as soon as possible,” said Meredith Gernigin, Milton Schoolhouse Owner.

“Percy does not have any monetary value but extreme sentimental value. He’s been with us from the very beginning and we just want him back.  Returned, no questions, we will be grateful to have him back in our home,” said Sykes.

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