Incoming Missouri Attorney General sits down with St. Louis law enforcement officials

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ST. LOUIS - Eric Schmitt will be sworn in January 3rd. He has been traveling the state, listening.  Tuesday he met with St. Louis law enforcement officials and asked how he can help.

“We've got to better with crime.  So, I want these officers here to know I’m here to help and listen and support them and support the local prosecutors,” said Eric Schmitt, (R) incoming MO Attorney General.

Schmitt says putting bad guys away is a team effort. Jeff Roorda, Business Manager of the St. Louis Police Officers Association told Schmitt that Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner is not making city officers job any easier without getting into specifics. Schmitt says he is aware the relationship isn’t the best between the prosecutor’s office and police.

“I do intend to talk with Kim Gardner as I do with local prosecutors across the state and how my office will be helpful,” said Schmitt.

Growing up in north county and representing the St. Louis area in the Missouri Senate are experiences Schmitt is telling police and prosecutors that give him an understanding of our problems.

“With St. Louis being ranked consistently in the top 10 violent cities, we can do better and I want the Attorney General's Office to be a part of the solutions,” said Schmitt.

Statement from Kimberly M. Gardner, Circuit Attorney, City of St. Louis:

“I appreciate Eric Schmitt’s support for the hardworking men and women in law enforcement. I look forward to meeting with him after the holidays. I think there are many opportunities for us to work together on public safety issues for the people of this great city, just like my office works collaboratively with the US Attorney’s Office.

If Mr. Roarda wants to make it easier for police officers in the city to do their jobs, then I invite him to join me in my efforts to build community confidence in the criminal justice system.  That’s the best way to encourage victims and witnesses to cooperate with police to solve violent crime.”

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