List of cooling centers in St. Louis area

Experts: More armadillos making St. Louis home

ST. LOUIS (AP) _ Wildlife experts say the nine-banded armadillo is settling into the St. Louis area after marching from Texas across the county for the last 169 years.

Missouri Department of Conservation wildlife biologist Tom Meister tells the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that armadillos were first spotted in southern Missouri in the 1970s. Meister says the mammals are now sighted in every county in the state.

Michael Beran runs the company Wildlife Command Center, which helps pick up roadkill in St. Louis County. Beran says the St. Louis area saw a growing number of armadillos this year. He says his company’s armadillo roadkill pickups roughly doubled from about five a month last year to around 10 to 12 a month this year.

Beran says the St. Louis area is “on the cusp of the armadillo invasion.”

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