Florissant family starts new tradition of giving back on Christmas Day

FLORISSANT, MO - A Florissant family received an unexpected gift when starting a new Christmas tradition.  They set out to give to those in need and ended up receiving a surprising gift of their own.

Keisha Jefferson said, “When he said that it made me feel extra special.  I almost cried a little bit.  I was like look at us Y’all.  We did that.”

The Dixson family was 30 strong today, starting a new tradition.

Sylvester Dixson said, “Young and old, I’m great, great, great uncle… wait a minute hahaha.”

They’re gathering downtown to give goodie bags to the less fortunate.

Keisha explained, “We have deodorant and razors, toothbrushes. We have women bags. They have feminine products,” she added, “We’ve never done this as a family.  We always give back to the community, but as a family, we never collectively came together to do this.”

They began in her Florissant home where Keisha explained to her young cousins, that this is a time of giving.  Then they all found out they would get the greatest gift.  It came from Sherman, who gave thanks in a way no one here has heard before.

Sherman said, “Walk through this crowd you will smell no Chanel Number 5 or nothing like that.  You only smell one cologne.  Walk through them.  It’s the same smell.  It smells like God.”

Keisha laughed, “I’ve never heard that in my life, but I know now when I walk through a crowd - I smell like God right?”

Sylvester added, “It makes my day a lot brighter.”

Look for the Dixson family to be giving to others soon.  They say this is just the beginning.

Keisha said, “This is ongoing. This is our first annual and we will continue.”

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