Santa’s Helpers deliver Christmas gifts to hundreds of children

ST. LOUIS - On this Christmas Day holiday wishes are coming true for hundreds of as Santa's Helpers Inc. delivered toys to hundreds of underserved children.

It includes multiple deliveries to shelters and programs throughout the holiday season.

Volunteers personally deliver gifts to families' homes.

For many people on Christmas, it’s not how big the gift is or how much you spend.

It’s about how good it makes you feel to know you helped someone.  Hundreds of volunteers with Santa's Helpers Inc. say it’s a position they know far too well helping those in need bringing holiday cheer to all. “It means no kid is going without a present this year if we can help it, the same thing every year,” said Rita Swiener.

For 50-years Rita Swiener has been giving back to the community making sure hundreds of underserved kids across Missouri wake up Christmas morning with gifts.

Over the years Santa’s Helpers Inc. has served 31,000 families and delivered 900,000 gifts to kids in need. “It means there is going to be smiles on kids’ faces. It Also means the kids are going to know they are worthy and they are important,” said Swiener.

It’s a warehouse filled full of love and toys for kids of all ages. On Christmas morning volunteers sorted by family are bundled into large black trash bags and handed to volunteer Santa’s to load up their cars to deliver the toys to the front doorsteps of families in need.

Santa 's Helpers say they enjoy volunteering their time, “I’m doing community service of Christmas morning. This is a good way to celebrate the Christmas spirit,” said Christina Gardner.

“We have been blessed in so many ways, to have the opportunity to be a part of making someone else life cheerful,” said Christopher Gardner.

“St. Louis is one of the most giving communities in the world. We have a 100 percent volunteer organization. We don’t pay any salaries,” said Swiener.

The hundreds of families that received the gifts are grateful.


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