SSM Health Medical Minute: How to prevent winter injuries

St. Louis - Falling snow often leads to falling people...young and old.

In tonight's SSM Health Medical Minute Dan Gray reports on common winter injuries and how to prevent them.

An increase in ankle wrist and thumb injuries are what orthopedic surgeons see during winter, "I've seen a lot of injuries this year so far with a lot of elderly people falling from not really taking care of their driveways making sure they're clear," said Doctor Christopher Palmer, Orthopedic Surgeon at SSM Health St. Clare Hospital.

Winter injuries among young people come from skiing snowboarding and sledding. Dr. Palmer says any swelling and bruising should get immediate attention, "Immediately I would ice it up, compress it, maybe take some ibuprofen biggest thing is elevating the extremity trying to get the swelling out cause a swollen limb or swollen body part that hurts is going to hurt worse if it stays swollen then get into see someone as quickly as possible."

Be prepared for snow on the slopes or on the driveway. "Shovel your snow and put ice melt down if you're doing any sort of outdoor activities make sure you wear the proper protective equipment like helmets and braces and things of that matter like padding."

The SSM Health Medical Minute airs every Wednesday at 7 p.m. on KPLR News 11 and at 9 p.m. on KTVI Fox 2.

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