Man steals keyless car with baby in the back seat

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – An Amber Alert reporting a baby abduction ended quickly with a safe and healthy baby. It started when a thief stole a car in Dellwood with a baby in the backseat. The family says the thief was able to do it without a key.

“With the technology, you feel you’re safe; but no place is really safe,” North County Cooperative Captain Willie Epps said. “Things happen and this is one of those things that happened.”

Epps said the victim left his car running but thought it was safe because he had the key fob.

“He had it in his pocket, put the baby in the car, locked it, went back in to get something, and it was just the distance he was with the key fob,” Epps said. “So because you have the key fob in your pocket and you’re away from the vehicle, doesn’t mean that somebody can’t get the vehicle.”

6-month-old Jaylon Hunter was in the car. His aunt Jalisa said Jaylon’s dad had just gotten out of the car.

“He didn’t even make it in the house, that’s the crazy thing. So someone had to probably be out here watching,” she said. “I was shocked. That’s a scary feeling, especially with what’s going on today. They will actually throw your child out of the car.”

The thief may not have known a child was in the back seat. He abandoned the car one mile away near the Canfield Apartments in Ferguson.

Jaylon was fine.

“He was just sitting there – wasn’t upset, wasn’t crying, just sitting there,” Epps said. “I guess he was more surprised than anything else.”

Jalisa added, “I actually just seen him and I started tearing up. I was just happy to see him.”

Investigators dusted for prints and collected evidence. Hours after the crime, you could still see the car running without a key.

“You could take it and drive it off right now,” Epps said.

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