Recipe – Homemade Chocolate Candies

ST. LOUIS –  A little entrepreneur Chef joined Kim Hudson in the FOX 2 kitchen for Homemade Chocolate Candies.

You can also use other flavors of candy wafers such as dark chocolate, vanilla or strawberry.

– One 12oz bag of Light Cocoa Candy Wafers
– 2-3 Silicone Candy Molds in the shape of your choice
– Microwave

– Add approximately 1-2 candy wafers in each silicone shape mold. (The number of candy wafers depends of the size of each shape.)
– Place mold in microwave and heat until candy wafers have melted. (Approximately 1-2 minutes.)
– Once candy wafers have melted, remove the molds from the microwave and spread it evenly within the shapes of mold.
– Place wafers in the freezer until hardened but not frozen.


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