St. Louis city vacant building fires expected to rise as temperatures drop

ST. LOUIS - St. Louis city firefighters were busy Sunday morning around 9 a.m. putting out a structure fire on North Florissant Avenue near Dodier Street.

Captain Garron Mosby said that someone on the top floor of a two and half story brick structure used some type of a heating source before the half story part of the house engulfed in heavy fire.

Mosby said that when firefighters got to the scene they knew the structure wasn’t very sturdy since it is an abandoned house but they still went inside to make sure no one was occupying it.

He also said that a firefighter sustained some minor burns during the process.

“Obviously heat rises working in a small confined space, before that's ventilated and a lot of that heat is banking down on our members," Mosby explained.

"We have seen a tremendous uptick of fires in this recent cold spell and the bare facts is that, St. Louis has some challenges with homelessness and we’ve got individuals that are in these vacant buildings, and they do what they have to do stay warm."

Mosby also said it's difficult to investigate all vacant building fires because there isn't enough man power.

If you or someone you know needs help with heating their home or staying warm, contact Heat Up St. Louis at

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