Nasty surprise could be waiting for Missouri taxpayers on Tax Day

There could be a Tax Day surprise lingering for some Missouri taxpayers.  H&R Block District General Manager Shelley Hotchkiss suggests filing early this year to determine how some changes could affect your returns.

Missouri officials warned residents in the fall about the problem.  Some taxpayers who typically receive a state refund could end up owing money to Missouri.  Officials say the problem is the result of errors in calculating how tax tables in Missouri should have been adjusted to account for federal tax changes.

Our partners at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported on how the changes could affect some taxpayers and why some lawmakers want to extend the deadline for paying state taxes this year.

“There will be individuals in the past who have gotten a refund, this year they will have a balance due on the state level,” said Hotchkiss.

She said taxpayers who file early can see if they owe more than they expected.  They can still wait to pay their taxes until the deadline of April 15th.

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