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O’Fallon MO water main fixed, boil water advisory still in effect

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O’FALLON, MO - Crews spent Saturday repairing two water main breaks in O’Fallon, Missouri.  Around 5 a.m. the water department started getting calls about low pressure and tracked it down to a 12-inch pipe break off of Manderly Place.

“The pipe had come in contact with the boulder that was underneath it, through settling and time. The rock put pressure on the pipe and ultimately it bursted open,” says Ben von Harz, the Assistant Water & Sewer Superintendent.

He explains that had a trickledown effect elsewhere.

“One of our lines that runs off it, a subdivision away, had a weak spot. When it lost pressure that weak spot gave out which caused another break in that subdivision.  Unfortunately, it added to the number of affected homes,” he says.

He says roughly 1,000 homes fall under this precautionary boil advisory stretching from Highway P to Highway 70 and from Gentemann Road to just west of Guthrie Road.

He says,” We asked the people to go ahead and boil your water for food and drinking.  Other than that, it’s safe to shower, do your dishes, flush toilets, and that kind of thing.”

Water samples have been sent out for testing and the results should come in late Sunday or early Monday morning.  The latest updates will be posted on the City of O’Fallon’s website.

Impacted subdivisions include Genteman Manor, Manderly Place, Keystone Ridge, Lake Charles Hills, Country Life Estates, Liberty Industrial Park, Lone Star Industrial Park, Progress West Industrial Park, Brookside Forest, Brookview, Brookside Village, and Brookside Estates.

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