Meeting the people southwest of St. Louis first hit by the snow storm

ST. LOUIS, Mo. — The storm moved in from the southwest. In Sullivan, Missouri flakes began to fall long before noon, closing some schools.

At Fricks Market the storm caused business to triple. Grocery Manager Nina Norman said, “We love it, everyone here today has a grin on their face that’s for sure because when business is good we’re always happy.”

It was tough for workers to keep the milk, the bread and the eggs stocked all the time. Those items were flying off the shelves. Julie Shetley was shopping for groceries. She said, “Make sure we have enough food if were snowed in for a few days.”

Up Interstate 44, the town of Union was becoming snow covered by one in the afternoon. Roads were slick and traffic was moving slowly. Vicki York lives in the area. She said, “It’s okay as long as we don’t get too much and stuck in the house.”

One man made his way through the storm on a bike. Rural roads seemed to be the worst shape.

In Pacific, downtown stores closed early as the snow continued to fall. No everyone enjoys the taste of winter weather. Ron Schuttenberg said, “I’m a carpenter so I don’t enjoy it at all I don’t get to work much when it snows.”

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