School superintendent stuck on highway for hours after releasing students early

EUREKA, Mo. — One of the people living the traffic nightmare on Interstate 44 Friday night is a man who made the call to send students home early from one of the area's largest school districts.  We reached Rockwood Schools Superintendent Doctor Eric Knost who's been tweeting updates while going nowhere.

Dr. Knost says he got on eastbound I-44 at 109 more than six hours ago after tying up all the loose ends with today's early dismissal. He's tweeted: "Took this picture just after 4pm after sitting for a while on I44 eastbound out of Eureka - 8:12pm and I'm in the same place. There are worse things."

There's also this follow up tweet:  "The view really hasn`t changed for hours. Had a thought that made me chuckle. If this were a school night, my Twitter would be blowing up and trending. But, it,s mostly crickets tonight. The snow is actually peaceful in a parking lot that's usually a highway."

Others stuck out there keep wondering, "How long ?" Neither MoDOT nor the Missouri Highway Patrol has a firm answer at this point.


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