MoDOT warns public that driving conditions still hazardous after winter storm

MoDOT expects the interstates to be back to normal in time for Monday morning’s rush hour.  The announcement came during a Saturday press briefing in Town & Country.  MoDOT District Maintenance Engineer Bob Becker also advised the public to avoid driving if possible on Saturday.

“If you can stay home, stay home,” said Becker.  “I would recommend that.”

Becker said MoDOT would have 200 plows on the interstates Saturday.  He said his biggest concerns were the number of cars still in ditches on the side of the highways and the potential for re-freezing overnight. He warns drivers there are plenty of slushy, slick spots.

“We’ve got a lot of moisture out there right now.  We’ve melted a lot of snow and things are slushed up in locations.  That’s our biggest concern overnight,” he said.

He said crews will continue to treat the interstates and will monitor bridges, overpasses, and spots that typically freeze first.  Becker is also pleading with drivers to give plows enough space to do their job.

“Give them plenty of room and watch out for those folks too,” he said.  “Don’t get to close to where we can’t see you.”

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