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Belleville laundry room fire forces occupants to escape from window

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BELLEVILLE, IL - A laundry room fire forced two people to escape out of a window in Belleville.

Fire chief Tom Pour told Fox 2, the Saturday night fire happened in the 100 block of North First Street. The cause may have been improper cleaning of the lint catcher.

Pour said the call came in around 9:45 p.m. when the caller explained that the smoke was too heavy in the hallway for her to get out.

Pour added that firefighters got to the scene within three minutes of the call and quickly extinguished the fire before taking out the dryer while ventilating.

He also said that police unit arrived just before firefighters and helped the occupants get out of their first-floor window.

Pour said that only one of the two people rescued was transported by EMS for smoke inhalation.

“It is real scary,” said Frank Yelder who lives next door to the unit where the fire broke out, “I went in there to wash my clothes and everything was on fire.”

Meanwhile, Reverend Michelle Torigian with the St. Paul United Church of Christ said that the church would be happy to offer their help to anyone who may have been affected by the laundry room fire.

“I just preached this morning about how God is with us through fires and floods,” said Torigian, “and that God is with them and we are also with them because God sends us to do work to help our neighbors.”

Fox 2 was able to meet with the woman who made the emergency call and she told us that she is “doing ok.”

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