Drivers beware of ‘snow missiles’ flying off cars on area roads

ST. LOUIS - St. Louis taxi cab driver Dewight Price had a close encounter with a so-called “snow missile” on Monday.  He said he was traveling in his cab when ice flew off a truck in front of him.

“I had a big chunk of ice fly off and land on top of the hood my car,” he said.  “It’s just uncalled for when you can really clean the stuff off.”

One Fox 2 viewer sent us photos of his shattered windshield.  He said a large chunk of ice flew from an oncoming vehicle and caused the damage.

“It’s dangerous because if it hits your windshield, you have to hit your wipers and could cause someone to veer out of their lane and cause a serious accident,” said St. Louis resident Darrell Hayes.  He said a chunk of ice flew right by his vehicle while driving near interstates 270 and 70 this weekend.

Area first responders took to social media on Monday and shared warnings about the dangers of leaving snow on top of your vehicle.

“Just get yourself a little broom and brush it off,” said Price.   “That’s all we need to do is brush it off.”

Traveling with snow on top of your vehicle is not a violation, according to the Missouri State Highway Patrol.  A spokesman for the agency said the driver of a vehicle with snow on top can be held liable for any damages resulting from ice or snow that falls off the top.  The driver could also be cited for failure to secure a load because the snow could be considered part of the vehicle’s load.

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