Recent Vatterott campus closure, leaves former students and faculty fighting for belongings

BERKLEY, Mo.  The woes with Vatterott continue for students and staff at the Berkeley campus who are unable to get back inside to get their personal belongings.

The students tell FOX 2 supplies worth thousands of dollars are still left inside, one student says she even has a car in the school`s garage. Meanwhile, teachers say it`s the same story for them.

Vatterott closed its door nationwide December 17 with no advance notice.  In a letter, they informed students and staff to have all of their belongings out by the end of the day, which left many with little or no time to collect their things.

Students and faculty say they had no clue about the closures until they showed up and saw the sign on the door or seen it in the media.

We are told other campuses have allowed staff and students back inside after the closure, but not the Berkely campus.

FOX 2 has tried to reach out to Vatterott for a comment, but the company's website only gives information pertaining to the school closure.

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