Storm of frustration in Wentzville School District over snow day procedure

WENTZVILLE, Mo. - The Wentzville Public School District is handling a storm of its own after school officials’ decisions during Friday’s snowstorm upset many teachers and staff.

According to one staff member who asked to remain anonymous, teachers and staff were asked to stay their entire workday, even though students were released two hours early.

They were given the option to leave early with the students but they’d have to give up personal time, docked time, or part of a sick day.

The staff member said as the snow started falling at around 1 p.m., teachers and staff became upset because they felt their safety should have been held to the same standard as the children’s safety.

The superintendent of Wentzville Public Schools wrote an open letter about the incident and posted it on the district’s Facebook page:

Some staff members don’t believe his explanation goes far enough and they don’t consider it to be an apology but say the district can make it up to them by giving them their personal time back.

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