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Wayward donkey found in Fults, Illinois is heading home

FULTS, Ill. - A lost donkey is set to head home soon after being found wandering in Illinois.

Michael Olsson had a surprise visitor in his yard.

“There was a donkey in my front yard and they asked me if it was mine," he said. "I said, 'No, it's not mine.'”

But the burro was here to stay on Tuesday and Wednesday.

“I don't know where he spends the night but he spent the night here.  I told the county police I'd keep an eye on him,” said Olsson.

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Department posted a picture of the donkey that was found in Fults, Illinois.

Thanks to social media, the owner of the wayward donkey was notified and will be coming around to pick up the missing burro, who has been hanging in Michael Olsson’s yard for the time being.

“People have to look out for one another. And it's the country. We don't have stray dogs, we have stray donkeys," said Monroe County Sheriff Neal Rohlfing.

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