Airbnb hosts meet to discuss new regulations in St. Louis

ST. LOUIS, Mo. - More than a dozen local Airbnb hosts gathered on Thursday night to discuss new regulations that could be on the way in St. Louis and how they can work with the city and neighbors on being good Airbnb hosts.

St. Louis City Alderman Christine Ingrassia proposed a bill regarding short term rentals.

Some local hosts expressed concern that the regulations would dramatically hurt how they do business but others said Airbnb has been regulated in many cities and they did not have any concerns with the proposed regulations.

Some hosts said they are concerned the bill proposes not allowing a host to offer a home or room to a guest for more than 30 consecutive days or 120 days total throughout the year. They said some guests, such as travel nurses and people looking for somewhere to stay while they are undergoing home renovations, are looking to stay somewhere more long term. Others said they just want to work with the city and be able to contribute ideas to the proposed regulations.

The group of Airbnb hosts said there is an effort underway to select an Airbnb ambassador for every neighborhood in St. Louis so that neighbors who have concerns about any rental properties have someone to contact.

There is also legislation that has been introduced in Jefferson City which would allow for regulation on short term rentals but would not allow local municipalities to ban them.

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