Georgia boy says school suspended him for fake lunch money

MCDONOUGH, Ga. – A 12-year-old Georgia boy says he was unfairly suspended by school officials after he tried to buy lunch with a $20 bill that turned out to be fake.

Christian Philon and his parents say none of them knew the money was counterfeit until a lunchroom cashier using a marker determined it wasn’t real. They say school administrators punished Christian with 10 days of in-school suspension.

The boy told WSB-TV : “They said, `You possessed it, so you’re going to have to pay for it.”’

Chrisitan’s father, Earvin Philon, says he received the fake $20 as change at a fast food restaurant. Not realizing it was a bogus bill, he gave it to his son for lunch money.

A Henry County Schools spokesman did not immediately return phone and email messages Thursday.

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