Wentzville woman facing animal neglect charges after repeated horse escapes

WENTZVILLE, Ill. – The St. Charles County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office charged a 47-year-old Wentzville woman with animal neglect after her horses escaped their fenced-in area nearly 20 times.

Wentzville police have ticketed Juliea Baker 19 times due to the horses getting loose.

“From our perspective, it’s a public safety issue,” said Chief Kurt Frisz, Wentzville Police Department. “Our citizens call us, there's property damage being done by horses when they go into the sub, obviously there is concern about horses and their well-being.”

Frisz said horses are getting out because the fence is sub-standard and that officers have watched the horses manipulate their way out of the area.

Baker, who initially agreed to an on-camera interview but declined after speaking to her lawyer, said somebody was cutting the wire and letting the horses out each time. She police will not help her.

“She's never called us when she's discovered this or when it’s allegedly occurring and we can’t find evidence of this happening,” Frisz said.

Baker provided surveillance pictures from the church across the street. She said men come across the street and damage her fence.

She said somebody is trying to pressure her into moving.

Chief Frisz said Baker told the Humane Society of Missouri she would get an improved fence but it never happened.

“It’s hard to help people who don't want help,” the chief said. “They say they want help but when we come out with an action plan and you can’t execute the plan, that's when it becomes a challenge.”

Baker said one of her horses has already died when it got out and she wants police to help her find who is doing it.

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