Woman’s right march, marched on, despite winter weather advisory

ST. LOUIS - Despite the cold wet weather, people in St. Louis laced up Saturday morning and headed downtown for the Third Annual Women’s March held across from Union Station.

People of all ages and walks of life took part in this year’s theme that called for ACTION.

“I support my wife and my daughters and all of my friends who are women and I believe they deserve as many rights as men,” said David Henry.

Participants walked side by side while holding all kinds of signs. Some of those messages focused on issues like supporting women’s reproductive rights, freedom of religion, LGBTQ rights and civil rights.

“It’s all about inclusivity, racial equity, we need each other,” said march organizer, Dana Kelly.

For all the marchers, it was apparent their demonstrations meant they are the first leg of creating change.

“I want people to see that women are strong,” said Lianna Johnson, “women are powerful, women are capable of everything and more and people need to respect that and understand that.”

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