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Commerce Banks are helping during the Government Shutdown

ST. LOUIS - If you are a Commerce Bank customer who has been impacted by the Government shutdown they want to help when your cash flow is slowed.

Darryl Collins Director of Consumer Banking Darryl Collins joined FOX 2 in the Morning to discuss five steps to take to protect your assets.


1. Communicate. Most financial services providers will be more understanding if they know what`s going on. If you think you may need some assistance, reach out to your bank or other financial institution early to explain what`s going on.

2. Ask. Don`t be afraid to ask for help. Accommodations are usually made on a case-by-case basis, so you likely won`t find an answer on your bank`s website.

3. Stay in touch. Be sure to let your providers know if or when your situation changes. New information may help them help you.

4. Understand your full financial picture. Look into the terms of your mortgage, credit card and other financial agreements to ensure you know what the penalties are in the event you are unable to make a payment or are late. Where possible, seek to pay at least the minimum payment amount on a credit card or bill and call your provider to discuss your future options.

5. Plan ahead. Life is complicated and unexpected circumstances happen. Use this moment as an opportunity to look ahead and ensure you have the financial plans in place to provide a cushion or 'emergency fund' should another unexpected event take place. Reach out to your financial partner to have a conversation about savings strategies.

If you need assistance you are urged to call  833-518-3458to to discuss your current accounts and future options.

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