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Alderman Terry Kennedy sponsors bill regulating surveillance technology in St. Louis

ST. LOUIS - St. Louis city leaders are looking at a bill that could limit how surveillance technology is used in the city.

Alderman Terry Kennedy is sponsoring Board Bill 219, which would establish a citywide policy regulating how surveillance technology can be used.

The bill was discussed Thursday in the city's Public Safety Committee.

Under the bill, the Director of Public Safety and the Board of Aldermen would govern that policy. Concerns have been raised that surveillance technology can result in violating people's privacy.

Alderman Kennedy says there has to be a balance between legitimate uses of surveillance technology for things like public safety and having it go too far. Other aldermen like Jack Coatar expressed concerns about the bill and its potential requirements.

No votes were taken on the bill. At this point, there is no timeline for when any votes on the legislation might happen.

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