Friends, colleagues heartbroken over St. Louis officer’s death

ST. LOUIS - Friends of a fallen St. Louis city police officer are heartbroken over the sudden and unexplained loss of someone so special. At 24-years-old, Katlyn Alix had her whole life ahead of her, but many who loved and admired her say she had already accomplished so much.

"She had probably the best attitude of anybody I knew," said Hannah Tina, Alix's friend.

Alix and Tina shared barracks during Army basic training at Fort Leonard Wood in 2012. Tina said the two became great friends.

"Basic training is really hard, and it takes a lot out of you emotionally and physically," said Tina. "She was one of those that when people were having a bad day, she would make you smile somehow."

Tina said Alix was always smiling, positive, and uplifting. After basic training, the two women attended military police school together.

"She was definitely tough enough to do it," said Tina. "She had a heart of gold that wanted to help people, so she served her military, she served her country, and served her city."

On his widely read personal blog, St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department Sergeant Don Re said he met Alix while she was a recruit in the police academy in 2016. Re appointed Alix assistant class president based on her military experience.

Re shared several memories of the fallen officer including examples of her compassion for the community she served, her love of animals, and her love for her family.

"Officer Alix was a friend to many," he writes. "She was a daughter, a wife, a sister and a super proud aunt to a handsome little guy she loved with all her might. She served her country in the Army and the St. Louis community as a police officer. She squeezed more into her twenty-four years than many of us will into our whole lives. Her death really sucks."

Chief John Hayden issued a statement saying in part, "Officer Alix was an enthusiastic and energetic young woman with a bright future ahead of her."

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