Dogs maul miniature pony to death

Leavenworth, KS – TT, a Miniature Shetland pony, was just magical and a unicorn at heart to the children who posed beside her.

“She had the prettiest blue eyes I had ever seen,” said her owner, Porscha. “Her hair looked like Tina Turner. That’s where she got her name.”

Porscha is a photographer in Leavenworth, Kansas, but TT wasn’t just a prop or a pet.

“She was family,” Porscha said.

Porscha kept her pony at her friend Ashlen’s farm, but last week Ashlen woke up to barking early in the morning.

She said her neighbor’s dogs sneaked across the fence and killed nearly 20 of her chickens, then started attacking some of the other animals she boards.

When the dogs attacked TT in her pen, she couldn’t fend them off and didn’t survive.

“She was shredded,” Porscha said. “She was mauled.”

The pictures of TT’s body are simply too graphic to share here.

The Leavenworth County Sheriff took the dogs for evaluation, but the county has not filed charges.

“We don’t know if that’s going to happen, but it’s my responsibility to see that it doesn’t happen again,” Porscha said.

She said she doesn’t want the dogs to be put down, but she also doesn’t want them to stay with their owner.

KCTV5 News spoke to the owner off-camera. He said he regrets what happened and that he loves his dogs.

“I just want people to keep their animals safe and do what’s best for them,” Porscha said.

After all, Porscha loved her pet, too.

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